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Web Guy Arizona, I provide full custom PHP programming services. Specializing in HTML & PHP programming, Joomla website design, WordPress website design and website management services. Consulting, training and search engine optimization (SEO) services are also available.

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Web Guy Arizona, I offer Custom PHP Programming services for customers that need straight code websites updated or need to get a script working or an online program configured. PHP is becoming more and more common. Many Blogs and CMSs are developed using PHP. Pretty much anything on a Linux server utilizes PHP code via LAMP.

An example would be that if a customer request to have a WordPress or Joomla site customized, much of the customization is done using PHP Programming. By adding and modifying the PHP code is how that is accomplished.

PHP code offers functionality that HTML code is simply not capable of and therefore there are websites on the internet that are built using straight PHP code. PHP Programming allows you to build blocks of code that are assembled on demand. In other words the page you see online is actually a number of physical files found on the server. HTML files for the most part are self contained unless you use frames or iframes or CSS layers to accomplish the design and functionality you desire.

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Web Guy Arizona
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