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Joomla Website Design

Responsive Joomla Website Design

Responsive Joomla Web Design

Web Guy Arizona offers complete Joomla Website Design and HTML Programming services to clients and businesses in Arizona.

For more information about Joomla Website Design Services call

(480) 326 3283


Joomla Website Design Services Arizona

Website services range from simple web page updates and changes to full site design and configuration.

Additional programming and customization is also available including Flash, Online Shopping Carts, Joomla, WordPress, Content Management Systems CMS’s, Blogs, RSS feeds and more.

Website promotion and marketing services are also available to further enhance your website’s exposure on the internet.

Website Management and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) organic site design.

Diverse skills include internet programming, multimedia, web site design & management, graphics design. Can handle projects of all types for clients in need of services including both corporate and personal websites.

Web Page & Website Designer
Joomla & WordPress Website Design
Photoshop Editing
Graphic Design
Mulitmedia & Presentation Authoring
Microsoft / Macromedia / Adobe


  • Joomla Global Configuration Joomla Global Configuration

    Hosting setup, database migration, installation and server configuration. Update from 1.5 to 2.5 or 3.0

  • Joomla Installation Control Panel Joomla Installation Control Panel

    System settings, updates, backups, scheduled maintenance, user profiles configuration and management.

  • Joomla Extension Manager Joomla Extension Manager

    Platform enhancements, components, templates, modules, plugins and additional programming features.

  • Joomla Template Manager Joomla Template Manager

    Template development, customization, design, updates, adjustments and CSS programming.

  • Joomla Category Manager Joomla Category Manager

    Category setup and organization, article structure, blog configuration and article formatting.

  • Joomla Article Manager Joomla Article Manager

    Article management, formatting, content styling, scheduling, publishing and site organization.

  • Joomla Layout Settings Joomla Layout Settings

    Layout and presentation formatting, custom layouts and category features, menu placement and linking.

  • Joomla CSS File Joomla CSS File

    Cascading Style Sheet editing, custom programming and design for responsive and mobile devices.

  • Joomla SEO Settings Joomla SEO Settings

    Organic programming and formatting for Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Friendly website.

  • Joomla PHP Programming Joomla PHP Programming

    PHP editing, customization, enhancement, trouble shooting, debugging, updating and optimizing.

  • Joomla Components Joomla Components

    Component installation, setup, configuration, edits, testing and modifications and design.

  • Joomla Plug-In Manager Joomla Plug-In Manager

    Plug-in selection, installation, testing, editing, configuring, programming and setting.

  • Joomla CMS / Website Design

    Would you like a Joomla Website designed so you can promote your ideas or services ? Call me so we can talk further and get your project started.

  • Joomla SEO & Management

    Do you need your Joomla CMS optimized for the Search Engines ? Having your Joomla website managed can be very helpful. Call for more information.

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    Web Guy Arizona Website Design and Website Management Services. I fix, repair, create and maintain websites of all types. Joomla and WordPress programmer and designer in Arizona. Call (480)326-3283 or email me at

    Professional Website Design in Arizona Professional Web Design and programming services in Arizona. HTML & PHP, Custom Joomla Content Management System, Custom WordPress Blogs, Search Engine Optimization, CSS and Website management. Joomla | WordPress | PHP | HTML | SEO. For more information about Web Design and Website Management services call or email me today.