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What is Responsive Website Design

The term Responsive comes up more and more lately when it comes to designing a website, theme or template.

To most the term is confusing and the topic is muddy. Creating a website that is responsive takes a bit of planning and understanding. Not too long ago the term mobile ready was being tossed around quite a bit as well along with the term mobile app. Each of these terms mean something different and produce different out comes.

Having a website that is responsive means simply this. Your website is intentionally designed, programmed and organized so that the presentation, orientation delivery of each page and or section of your website is easily view-able and accessible equally on all devices from desktop computers to mobile phones and any other device that is capable of viewing internet content without having to provide multiple versions of the website itself or without having to zoom, pinch or scroll horizontally.

Accomplishing this can be a challenge. Getting your images and photos to re-size and maintain their position on the page. Making sure your navigation and menus are legible and consistently available. Formatting the actual page text, titles and links so that the pages look good a flow the way you want them to. Placing any forms on the page in a way that is usable and functional.

Clearly there is a lot more to it than there use to be when doing a fixed width design and layout. Take sometime and view some of your favorite websites on your computer and then view them on your phone or tablet. You will quickly see how they look different on one device to the next. Getting a site to respond is a real challenge and now that you see the difference you can now start to think about making you site more friendly and responsive.

For a more clear example view this page on your computer and then on your phone or tablet. When you are on the phone or tablet view the page both horizontally and then vertically. Notice how the page expands to take up the entire area without any horizontal scrolling. That is an example of a responsive website design. 

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