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Creating Pages in WordPress

When creating the Pages for you WordPress Website you have may have a few options on how the page itself is published and formatted.

As you are reviewing your WordPress Theme edit or created a page to see what options, if any, it has. To do this select a page and edit it. From the upper right hand corner select “Screen Option” and check each box so you can see all the option you have regarding pages. Box for box and option for option each Theme varies but review and try everything you see so you can know what you have to work with.

Some of the after market Themes can be very robust with the page templates they include. Splash Page, Reviews Page, Media Page and so on. Customizing these templates can be a little tricky so you want to make the right choice if you are using a Theme of this type. Sometimes simpler is better so make sure to review everything.

Creating a Website and using Page Templates can cause problems down the road and you need to remember that the Page Templates are Theme specific so if you ever change to another Theme each of those pages will need to be reviewed and re-formatted and depending on the size of the website could create a lot of additional work for you.

You also want to remember to test out the page templates on your phone and other devices to make certain it looks and functions the way you want or need it to work. Page Templates can be really helpful but sometimes it just better to do the formatting yourself so you can be sure it is the way you want it. This is mostly true when it comes to WordPress and Theme updates which happen all too often and you never know how those changes will affect your content and design.

Now that you know how important the Page Templates are for your WordPress Website what’s next? 

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