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WordPress Title and Tagline Features

Your Website’s Title, Tagline and You

What’s in a name ? Your WordPress Site’s Title and Tagline can be very helpful in getting your website out there.

From your Dashboard go to Settings > General – there you will find where you define your website’s Title and Tagline.

When you are reviewing Themes for your WordPress website you want to evaluate where and how it shows this information to the public. Some themes will provide you the option to show or hide the Title and Tagline while others do not and some don’t show this information at all.

This feature may not seem important but understand that the Title and Tagline will potentially be at the top of every page and post on your website and you want it to look good and add value to the website itself so be creative in your selection.

For example the webpage your are on right now is only showing the Tagline (Website Designer Services Arizona (480)326-3283) and no Title. So on every page you can easily see what I do and how to contact me. Each site is different and how or if you use the Title and Tagline options is up to you. Having the various options is always helpful and seeing how each Theme provides for this feature is well worth looking into.

Now that you know how important the Title and Tagline are for your WordPress Website what’s next? 

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