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WordPress Visible Fields

Filling in all the Boxes

On the WordPress Dashboard you will notice a number of Fields on each Tab you can enter information.

You may ask yourself why are these boxes here and where will this information be found on my Website.

For example if you go to your Dashboard – Users > Your Profile you will find a Field labeled Biographical Info. Enter in some text and save your profile. Now browse your website and see if you can find where that information is actually visible.

Theme for Theme this information may or may not be visible. This is just on example and is very common. Depending on how through the Theme was designed a lot of the functions that are native to WordPress may not be utilized which will effect greatly how well your WordPress Website will perform and how easily your Pages and Post will be found by the people you want to visit your site and use your services.

You really want to familiarize yourself with each screen on the Dashboard and each field you find on each section. These fields are there for a reason! Once you know what each field is capable of you can then begin to really review the Theme you are thinking about using. The Theme is really the foundation of your website and time and time again many of this core functions are ignore for the simple reason most website owners are only concerned about how the site looks and not on how well it will function.

This functions are especially helpful if you have any regard for Search Engine Optimization or making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for on your website.

Understand that there is no real standard for Themes, some are fairly light others are really complete. It is really up to the developer as to how far they take what they have to work with when creating a WordPress Theme.

Now that you know how important the Fields are in your WordPress Website what’s next? 

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