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WordPress Discussion Settings

Accessing the Discussion Settings Screen in WordPress

In WordPress you can create Pages and Posts. Each have the option to enable Comments. The Discussion Settings Screen is where you make the setting you desire on how to handle any comments if you decide to use or enable comments on your WordPress Website.

Enabling comments is your choice and you will need to setup your website in the way you wish to handle comments. It’s up to you, however it has been my experience that most WordPress users do not allow comments for one simple reason. Spam spam spam …..

It is really hard to build a faithful and legitimate following of people that will actually provide helpful and useful comments on your website.

Most of the comments are spam and take a huge amount of time to go through them and manage them.

Most, if not all, of the comments you will get on your WordPress will be from spam bots not users or even people. Locking down your WordPress website to prevent unwanted comments and spam takes a little work.

The other problem with comments is it produces a forum for debate and argument and unless that is your objective it typically is a huge waste of time and is not helpful.

Using comments is totally up to you and I suggest you use it on a page by page or post by post basis until you are sure it is helpful to your website.

If you do choose to allow comments I would recommend that you require them to register first and that any comments need to be approved before they are visible on your website. Publish a policy that addresses how comments will be handled so that complaints are kept to a minimal. 

Now that you have logged in to your WordPress site and reviewed the Discussion Settings Screen what do you do next? 

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Welcome to the WordPress Discussion Settings Screen

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