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WordPress Post Add New Post

Accessing the Add New Post Screen in WordPress

The Add New Post Screen is very similar to the Add New Page Screen however there are some major differences that you will want to review so you know what options you have available to you when it comes to posting to your Blog.

The first time you view the Add New Post Screen you will want to go to the tab in the upper right corner titled Screen Options. From the pull down you can check all the options you desire so you can review them on the screen. The options you see will once again vary from Theme to Theme but there are common ones you will find.

Title – The actual title of you blog entry

Editor – Basic WYSIWYG editor or Text editor

Revisions – Prior versions of the blog entry

Custom Fields – Something you will probaly not use

Categories – Select the Category for the blog entry

Tags – Select the Tags you wish to associate with the blog entry

Expert – If you are going to use experts place it here

Discussion – Check if you want to enable comments for the blog entry

Comments – This is where you can see and edit the comments for the blog entry

Slug – The url that will be used for the blog entry

Author – The author name

Now that you have logged in to your WordPress site and reviewed the Add New Post Screen what do you do next? 

On To The Next Step – Menus

Welcome to the WordPress Post Add New Post Screen

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