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WordPress Users Your Profile

Accessing Your User Profile in WordPress

When you install WordPress it will create a default administrator user based on the Username, Password and E-mail address you selected during the install process. This will allow you to edit anything and everything. You will want to review and complete the user profile for your account. 

Enter in your First Name, Last Name, Website, your Nickname and the name you want to be displayed publicly. In addition to this you may also want to enter in some Biographical Info. It’s here that you can also change your Password if you need or want to.

You will also see you can disable or enable the Visual Editor and Keyboard Shortcuts. This is also the screen you can select a Admin Color Scheme for your WordPress site. You can also turn on or off the Toolbar you see at the top of you screen when viewing you website while you are logged in.

Once you are done reviewing and updating your information, click on the Update Profile button at the bottom of the screen.

As you further develop your WordPress Website and install additional Plugins the information and options on this screen may change so be sure to review it from time to time to see what options and features are there.

Additional fields you may find on this screen may include profile links to Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. This all depends on the Theme and or Plugins that came with the Theme you selected or created so be sure to review the screen to see what options you have available to you.

If you purchased a Theme you may be able to refer to any documentation or sample data that came with it.

Now that you have logged in to your WordPress site and reviewed Your User Profile what do you do next? 

On To The Next Step – New User

Welcome to the WordPress User Profile Screen

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